Read a poem, talk about it, read it again.


  • Episode 7: Kids Who Die


    Connor and Jack discuss the Langston Hughes poem "Kids Who Die" a work that, especially in light of the inauguration and recent protests, has an…

  • Episode 6: Specimen Days [The Inauguration]


    In this special episode, Jack and Connor discuss "Specimen Days The Inauguration," Walt Whitman's poetic reflection on Abraham Lincoln's second…

  • Episode 5: Excerpt from 'Life in a Box is a Pretty Life'


    Connor and Jack dig into an excerpt from Dawn Lundy Martin's work, Life in a Box is a Pretty Life. Their discussion delves into the questions the poem…

  • Episode 4: Still I Rise


    Connor and Jack tackle a classic this week, discussing Maya Angelou's poem "Still I Rise." Always a popular work, it was referenced twice in popular…

  • Episode 3: Orphanotrophia


    This week Jack and Connor tackle a poem of Connor's choosing: "Orphanotrophia" by Sun Yung Shin. Click here or see below to read the poem. For more…