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Episode 148 If God Is A Virus - Seema Yasmin


Connor and Jack discuss a poem from Seema Yasmin's book "If God Is A Virus." They discuss Yasmin's status as a journalist, poet, and medical doctor; the way she weaves her many areas of expertise together in the poem; and what kind of art might one day represent this period of time.

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If God Is a Virus
By: Seema Yasmin

She is vexed.
Absolutely done
with your shit.
God wants to know
why you didn't get a flu
shot; why her minions
made your left lung collapse
white out on the X-ray,
rack up a six-figure ICU
bill when all they wanted
was a warm vacation
tropical waters, champagne
plasma to sip—not to bring
about death—not to turn
prunes in pleural fluid. No
body wants that. God thinks
anti-vaxxers have a death wish.
Wonders how they eat organic,
snort coke and laundry detergent
on weekends. Don't
they know yogi detox tea
is hepatotoxic? God knew
Charles Darwin. Clever
woman, she said. Who would
want your lot extinct?
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