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Episode 165 Self-Interrogation from DEAR GOD. DEAR BONES. DEAR YELLOW. w/Special Guest Noor Hindi


Connor and Jack are joined by poet, essayist, and journalist Noor Hindi. They dig into the poem "Self-Interrogation," the first poem in Hindi's new collection DEAR GOD. DEAR BONES. DEAR YELLOW. coming out on 5/31 from Haymarket Books. She discusses the inspiration behind some of the poems in the book, the significance of the color yellow, and the importance of having a variety of experiences and perspectives in newsrooms.

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By: Noor Hindi

At the airport terminal, a woman is crying.
Excuse me. Excuse me. Excuse me, I --
Need to focus. On something besides.
The ruse of migration. Lights so loud.
The unending sound. Of a newscaster's voice.
Dear God. Dear Bones. Dear Mother. Please, forgive
me. I want to call in dead. Last week,
there was a child in a yellow dress reading a poem.
For minutes on end, I could not be indifferent
to anything. Not the grass, dying yellow.
Not the bombs, twisting limbs. Not the gates.
Not the--Yes. There is a woman crying
at terminal six. Yes, I think of the child.
The tiny silver heart she placed in my palm.
How I threw it in the trash, seconds later.
But I promise. I promise. I promise. I --
meant it as an act of survival. Maybe love.
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