Read a poem, talk about it, read it again.

Episode 175 - Poetry Spoken Here Ep. 132: Black Lives Matter


After a busy couple weeks at Close Talking headquarters, a slightly different show. This episode is from our sister-podcast, Poetry Spoken Here. The episode first aired in the summer of 2020 and was simply called "Black Lives Matter." The poems and voices featured are all from the Poetry Spoken Here archives and address race, policing, and more. Readers include Pulitzer Prize-winner Jericho Brown, the youngest ever Baltimore Youth Poet Laureate, Maren (Lovey) Wright Kerr, Chicago-area slam legend Maria "Mama" McCray, Sillerman First Book Prize winner Ladan Osman, and SlamFind creator and Bowery Arts and Science Executive Director Mason Granger.

You can listen to full readings, and interviews with the poets featured in this episode, here: Jericho Brown, Episode #100. Maren (Lovey) Wright Kerr, Episode #085. Maria "Mama" McCray, Episode #058. Ladan Osman, Episode #023. Mason Granger, Episode #034.

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